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Summit No Prep RC Nat's

Posted by RCDRL Admin - 11/16/2021

The weather was just about perfect for the 146 class entries over the two-day weekend clash of RC Drag Racers at the RCDRL Summit Racing Equipment No Prep RC Nationals in Arlington Texas.
Saturdays Results:
Stephen Burden with a .001 reaction time in round 1.

In Younger Gunners, Dallas Pfeil took the win light over Makayla Marasco. Street Eliminator had Brad Waldrop score a victory over Nick Clay in the finals.

Over in True Street 13.5, Allen Krier defeated Archie Marasco in the finals. In the Box Stock Factory Showdown class, Mark Murdock defeated Michael Villanueva in the finals.

In the most popular class of the weekend, Pro Street Outlaw had 44 entries on Saturday battling it out over 6 rounds of racing.

Picking up the action in Round 4:
#1 Ryan Kowal ➧ .368 RT / 2.065 ET
⇊ Loses to
#6 Allen Krier ➧ .273 RT / 2.133 ET
MOV: .027 Holeshot Win

#35 Jeremy Carter ➧ .330 RT / 1.989 ET
⇈ W

  DragTrac car image for: Jazmine Hernandez     DragTrac car image for: Jayme Bates     DragTrac car image for: Kyle McMurtry (R)  

Summit No Prep RC Nats!

Posted by RCDRL Admin - 09/16/2021

No Prep Race date... November 13th & 14th!
With the popularity of No Prep RC Drag Racing exploding, the RCDRL returns to Summit Racing Equipment in Arlington Texas for some Fast Furious Family No Prep Fun!

Street Eliminator, Pro Street, True Street 13.5, Traxxas Funny Car and Young Gunners will be racing! More information to come about the RCDRL and Summit Racing Equipment No Prep RC Nationals!

  DragTrac car image for: Nathan Massey     DragTrac car image for: Harry Herrera     DragTrac car image for: Eric Bowman  

2 Hot to Handle Nats

Posted by RCDRL Admin - 07/21/2021

Florida had 118 entries at their 2 Hot to Handle event on July 18, 2021. Congrats to our winners: Jeffery Davis in Top Fuel Dragster, Carlos Zayas in Pro Modified, JJ Batista in Young Gunners, Joseph Gonzales in Top Fuel Funny Car, Carlos Valentin in Top Alcohol Dragster, Jonathan Joiner in Quick-16 & in True Street 13.5, Lexy Polk in Street Eliminator and Joey Trautman in All Run. Pro Street will run the final at the next Florida event in September.

  DragTrac car image for: Craig Wilcox     DragTrac car image for: Carl Russell     DragTrac car image for: Jonathan Joiner Jr  


Posted by RCDRL Admin - 06/10/2021

Texas is where the RCDRL was started, and after a long year plus hold, Texas is BACK via the Canton Civic Center in Canton Texas! Kicking things off Saturday June 12, with an open Test-N-Tune. Then, Saturday June 19th, 2021, Texas kicks off their long awaited season opener!

  DragTrac car image for: Jose Casanova     DragTrac car image for: Jahdiel Franqui     DragTrac car image for: Kyle McMurtry (R)  

Florida Hits 147 Entries!

Posted by RCDRL Admin - 05/19/2021

The RCDRL Florida Spring Fling Nats hit a record high of competitors! 147 car count entry had officials working overtime to get this event in the books.
"We had to think on our feet in regards to the race run order to help expedite the many rounds of racing we had in front of us."- President Michael Mercadel
Congratulations to all our class winners and runner-ups. Our JConcepts.net Holeshot Award winner, Jorge Rosaly Jr. cut a perfect : (.0000) reaction time for only the second time in RCDRL history. Special Congratulations to Jonathan Joiner for crushing the Pro Street track record! dropping 2.04's like it was candy.

  DragTrac car image for: Ava Nelson     DragTrac car image for: Jonathan Joiner Jr     DragTrac car image for: John Bullis  

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Previous RCDRL Events

RCDRL Florida
Fatboiiz Speed Shop Championship Points Race #7
Joel Roman
Top Fuel Funny Car   # 4 Qualifier

Archie Marasco
All Run Bracket   # 8 Qualifier

Archie Marasco
True Street 13.5   # 10 Qualifier

Makayla Marasco
Street Eliminator (2s)   # 11 Qualifier

Carlos Valentin
Top Alcohol Dragster   # 2 Qualifier

khalid valentin (R)
Young Gunners Bracket - Sunday   # 1 Qualifier

Carlos Zayas
Pro Mod (2s)   # 1 Qualifier

Holden Anyon
Quick- 16 Bracket (2.75 or Quicker)   # 7 Qualifier

Jonathan Joiner Jr
Pro Street Eliminator   # 2 Qualifier

Fall Nationals Championship Points Race #7
Brandon Mares
Top Alcohol (2s)   # 2 Qualifier

Willie Thomas
Pro Mod (2s)   # 2 Qualifier

Alan Williams (R)
All Run Bracket   # 2 Qualifier

Koen Williams (R)
Quick 16 Bracket (2.75 or Quicker)   # 4 Qualifier

Koen Williams (R)
Young Gunners   # 1 Qualifier

Pro Street (2s)   # 1 Qualifier

AD Rigmaiden
Top Fuel (3s)   # 3 Qualifier

AD Rigmaiden
True Street 13.5   # 3 Qualifier

Chris Markowski
Street Eliminator (2s)   # 3 Qualifier

RCDRL Puerto Rico
Championship Points Race #6
Jose R. Sanchez
Pro Street   # 7 Qualifier

Jahdiel Franqui
4WD Extreme   # 2 Qualifier

Jahdiel Franqui
Quick 16 Bracket   # 1 Qualifier

Kevin Matos
All Run Bracket   # 8 Qualifier

Kevin Matos
Quick 16 Bracket   # 2 Qualifier

Daniel Sanchez
Pro Street   # 13 Qualifier

Edwardo Franqui
All Run Bracket   # 12 Qualifier

Ivan San Antonio
Pro Street   # 17 Qualifier

Carlos Ortiz Morales
All Run Bracket   # 7 Qualifier

Melvin "Tito" Maldonado
13.5 True Street   # 1 Qualifier

wilfredo Hernandez
Pro Mod (2s)   # 2 Qualifier

Ernesto Borges
Pro Mod (2s)   # 1 Qualifier

Ernesto Borges
Pro Street   # 8 Qualifier

Francisco Javier Rivera (R)
13.5 True Street   # 3 Qualifier

Francisco Javier Rivera (R)
Pro Street   # 14 Qualifier

Joshwan Pagan (R)
Pro Street   # 4 Qualifier

kevin reyes (R)
All Run Bracket   # 3 Qualifier

Israel Perez (R)
Pro Street   # 5 Qualifier

Yamil Berrios
Quick 16 Bracket   # 5 Qualifier

Xavier Portela
Pro Street   # 20 Qualifier

Gabriel Portela
All Run Bracket   # 2 Qualifier

Abieziel Carmona
All Run Bracket   # 9 Qualifier

Alex Munoz
Pro Street   # 22 Qualifier

Manuel Ortiz
Pro Street   # 12 Qualifier

Wilfredo Perez
Pro Street   # 2 Qualifier

Wilfredo Perez
Quick 16 Bracket   # 3 Qualifier

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