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Day 2 of the Gator RC Nat

Posted by RCDRL Admin - 04/16/2021

Gates open Saturday at 7am. TNT from 8am to 9 for Foam, then TNT 9 to 10 rubber. Q1 10:30 am

  DragTrac car image for: Johnnie Braswell     DragTrac car image for: Nathan Massey     DragTrac car image for: David Massey  

2021 Gator RC Nationals

Posted by RCDRL Admin - 03/14/2021

Save the date! The RCDRL is known for the Super Nationals in Texas, the Cajun Nationals in Louisiana, and the Winternationals in Puerto Rico. Well, now it's time for Florida to host the GATOR RC NATIONALS!

Coming to the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing will host this 3-day RC Drag Racing Extravaganza!

  DragTrac car image for: Mason Cooley     DragTrac car image for: Steve Snyder     DragTrac car image for: Ralph Tocco  

Florida Opener was a HIT!

Posted by RCDRL Admin - 03/10/2021

After two weather-related schedule changes, the "What-A-Driver Championship Points Race #1 is in the books! Congratulations to all of our winners and runner-up! See DragTrac.com for a full list of stats, winners, runner-ups, and competitors.

  DragTrac car image for: Heather Bowman     DragTrac car image for: Carl Russell     DragTrac car image for: Mike Smith (R)  

Florida Re-Opener Set!

Posted by RCDRL Admin - 02/20/2021

March 6th & 7th, 2021 will kick off the 2021 RCDRL Points Championship in Florida!

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Rainout for Florida Opene

Posted by RCDRL Admin - 02/11/2021

Mother Nature will sidline our Florida opener a few weeks.. We are looking at March 5 & 6, 2021 but it hasn't been confirmed as of this post. We got with the Garlits team and we are looking at options.

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Upcoming RCDRL Events

RCDRL Florida

05/15/21 - 12:00 am
Garlits RC Dragway - Ocala Florida TNT, True Street 13.5, Traxxas Pro Funny Car, Dial In for $

Setup: 8:00 am
Quals: 9:00 am

Championship Points Race #3
Points Race # 3
Garlits RC Dragway - Ocala Florida

06/26/21 - 9:30 am
Garlits RC Dragway - Ocala Florida TNT, True Street 13.5, Traxxas Pro Funny Car, Dial In for $

Previous RCDRL Events

RCDRL Florida
1st Annual GATOR RC NATIONALS (Final Eliminations)
Melvin Colon (R)
Nitro Pro Mod   # 1 Qualifier

Aj Marasco
Pro Street Eliminator   # 4 Qualifier

Aj Marasco
Quick- 16 Bracket (2.75 or Quicker)   # 12 Qualifier

Joseph Polk
Street Eliminator (2s)   # 11 Qualifier

Makayla Marasco
Young Gators Saturday   # 7 Qualifier

Makayla Marasco
Young Gunners Bracket - Sunday   # 6 Qualifier

Paul (Biggie Paul) Ortiz
Traxxas Pro Funny Car   # 2 Qualifier

Willie Thomas
Pro Stock   # 2 Qualifier

Jason Hays Sr. (R)
All Run Bracket   # 4 Qualifier

David Mares
Top Fuel Dragster (3s)   # 11 Qualifier

Mike Barge
Nitro Top Fuel   # 2 Qualifier

Jonathan Joiner
True Street 13.5   # 2 Qualifier

Jonathan Joiner Jr
Top Alcohol Dragster   # 12 Qualifier

Joel Roman
Funny Car 10th Scale   # 2 Qualifier

Carlos Zayas
Pro Mod (2s)   # 1 Qualifier

RCDRL Puerto Rico
Pepino RC Finals Championship Race #10

KT&G USA RCDRL Fall Showdown Eliminations
Joel Shipman
All Run Bracket   # 4 Qualifier

Marc Gosselin
Traxxas Pro Funny Car (3s)   # 1 Qualifier

Michael Gonzales
Pro Street (2s)   # 2 Qualifier

Corby Burden
Street Eliminator (2s)   # 5 Qualifier

Mason Cooley
Pro Mod (2s)   # 1 Qualifier

AD Rigmaiden
Top Fuel (3s)   # 2 Qualifier

Mike Barge
Top Alcohol (2s)   # 1 Qualifier

Larry Fortenberry
Pro Stock (1s)   # 2 Qualifier

RCDRL Illinois
RCDRL Lynwood Points Championship Race #3

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